Knut tourist guide in Holland

Knut, your guide in Holland

My name is Knut, and I am a tourist guide in Holland. In 2012, I had my exam as a tourist guide, and since then, I have shown both Amsterdam and other cities to visitors of different background and different nationalities.

Originally, I come from Norway, but I have worked with visitors from many different countries. Of course, I often encounter Norwegian groups as well as groups from Sweden or Denmark. However, I also speak more than Scandinavian languages. I am also able to guide in English, Dutch, German, French and Italian. I can, of course, show you Amsterdam, but I also offer guided tours in other places in the Netherlands. Below, you will find some examples. Of which places I can show you, and what you can do in those places.


Guided tour in Amsterdam with canals and old houses

Amsterdam is famous all around the world for its canals and its beautiful architecture. To have a good impression of the old city, a canal excursion is mandatory. From a boat, you have the best opportunity to enjoy the view of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, a canal boat tour should be combined with a visit on foot. Within a two hour guided walk, it is possible to see the central parts of this city, with some of its most important monuments. This includes Dam Square with the royal palace and the National monument. It also includes a stroll along some of the canals, with their magnificent architecture.

Amsterdam is also well known for its art museums. In the Rjksmuseum, you will find one of the world’s best collections of art from the 17th century. When admiring the paintings made by Rembrandt and Vermeer, you will understand why this period is called Holland’s golden age. Next door, you will find the Van Gogh Museum, a museum dedicated to works by the painter Vincent van Gogh.

In Amsterdam, riding a bike is a great way of getting around, and also for sightseeing.  The city’s excellent network of bicycle lanes makes it possible to go almost everywhere by bike. Within a two-hour bicycle ride, you get the opportunity to see the central parts of the city, as well as a number of other very interesting sights.

The periphery of Amsterdam also have a lot to offer. You will be able to see modern, spectacular architecture in areas that are continuously being developed. Please get in touch to learn more about the possibilities.

The Hague

One-hour drive away from Amsterdam is The Hague with the royal palace, the parliament and the government offices. It’s the administrative centre of the Netherlands, although Amsterdam is the constitutional capital.

The Hague is also the seat of several international organizations, like the International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace.

The Hague is more relaxed than Amsterdam, but has enough to offer. One of its main features is the Mauritshuis, an ancient building from the 17th with art from the 17th century.

We also recommend a visit to the art museum Mauritshuis. Among other paintings from the 17th century, this is where you will find Vermeer’s world-famous painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring”.

Like most places in Holland, in The Hague the bicycle is a also good means of transport. A bicycle tour could include the city centre, the beach resort Scheveningen as well as the dunes surrounding the city.

A visit by foot or by bus is also possible, or combining the two.

Tour Guide in The Hague, including Mauritshuis and government buildings


Close to The Hague you find Delft, a small town that is known around the world for its ceramics, Delft Blue. But Delft is also a genuine old Dutch town, worth visiting to experience its truly picturesque streets, canals and buildings.

The heart of the city is the market square with its 17th century city hall, and the rest of the centre can easily be visited on foot. The most famous person ever from Delft is the 17th century painter Johannes Vermeer, and when strolling around the streets, you can get an impression of how the city was in his days. However, Nowadays, Delft is known as a student town thanks to its large technical university.

A visit to the centre of Delft is done on foot, and this visit easily be combined to a visit to Royal Delft for where ceramics are still produced today.


Rotterdam rose as a modern city from the ashes after world war two. The tragedy of war turned into an opportunity to develop a different city.

As a result, you will find unique modern architecture here that cannot be seen anywhere else.  Good examples of this are the cube houses and the new market hall. The Erasmus bridge, crossing the river Meuse, has become the icon of Rotterdam after it was built in the 1990s. However, this city is constantly evolving. The latest attraction is the collection building, the depot, of the art museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

But Rotterdam is not only modern, Rotterdam is a hybrid of old and new. For instance, the maritime museum, with its historic boats, gives you an impression of the port of Rotterdam the way it used to be. And still, some streets with the original houses from before the war have been preserved.

The central part of Rotterdam is perfect for a tour by foot, by tour bus or by bike. However, Rotterdam also has the largest port in Europe. To get an impression of this port, a boat excursion can be recommended as well.

Guide service in Rotterdam including Erasmus bridge

Holland has a lot to offer

Of course, there are many other places to visit as well. If you come during the tulip season, a visit to the flower park Keukenhof cannot be avoided. When all the tulips are in bloom, it is probably the most beautiful place in the Netherlands. But no matter which time of the year you visit the country, you can easily travel around in this small country. You can go to the picturesque fishing village Volendam, to strolrl around, do some shopping or just stop for adrink. You could also visit one of the neighbouring villages, like Edam or Monnickendam, or the open air museum Zaanse Schans, with all its wind mills.

However, when it comes to wind mills, nothing beats Kinderdijk, a small village south of Rotterdam. Kinderdijk is the only place where you can see all the original wind mills on their original spot, which is also the reason why it is a Unesco world heritage.

I can show you around in all these places, and and also some other cities, incduding Dordrecht, Gouda, Utrecht, Haarlem and Leiden.

A tour in Leiden with the statue of Rembrandt
Guided tour in Utrecht


This is a general overview of the possibilities. I can help If you have specific requests, or if you need advise how to organize your trip.

Please contact me if you would like more information.